Internet Sales Tax Is Becoming An Online Reality

Internet Sales Tax Is Now Becoming An Online Reality...

WebXperts is a web design and development company ready to help you with your online ecommerce solutions with the possibility that sales tax will be standardized and required for all online purchases.

With New York applying sales tax to all online purchases, regardless of the physical presence of the retailer, many other states are jumping on board and charging sales tax for all online purchases as well. It will take time before online sales tax becomes standardized, but there are already steps being taken to move this forward.

There is a group called the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, attempting to simplify methods for calculations and transmissions with one set of tax rules for all states, counties, and cities. These online sales tax rules would apply to all purchases online no matter what state you are buying from.

Obviously, this will greatly affect the internet retailers and consumers, but we will have to wait to see the results. If you need help adding tax to your ecommerce solutions, contact WebXperts to learn how we can help you!
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